Some Quotes in the News this Week

As a sign of how pressing many of the policy considerations surrounding shale production, we were quoted a few time this week in publications.

Industry in Need of a New Approach

First, D Magazine CEO had a column on looking back at the Barnett, really a prism to view the current debate in Denton, Texas over a proposed vote on a ban on hyd fracturing. Click Here


Takings Claims a “Lingering Ghost”

The first suit was filed by a mineral owner in Denton, Texas against the City for alleged takings of mineral rights by virtue of the current moratorium and scheduled vote.  Our comment in the Denton Record Chronicle, here

Life in Rural Texas: On the Edge of Drilling

And the NY Times as well as two other publications covered the consequences of widespread production that rural communities are facing.  As one example of many, the story of the community of Nordheim, Texas that is fighting off the location of an enormous drilling waste open storage pit facility.  Small town with even smaller leverage.  A side of the big story that rarely is told.  That story here