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The Unbreakable Connection of Water and Energy

It’s common now in policy circles to discuss the connection between water usage and energy. “Nexus” is the word of the times. But it’s true, and policy makers are realizing there is no one without the other—and we don’t have enough of either in Texas. The trouble starts with the […]

The Blue Thread for Agriculture

This is a critical time for everyone in Texas regarding water use both today and in the years to come. Even if it started raining today, we would be in a deficit for some time. And that ignores the millions of people that are on their way to Texas according […]

Hydraulic Fracturing Water Consumption and Disposal: A look back at the Barnett Shale

The team at UT’s Bureau of Economic Geology ( recently released a new report on water usage and disposal in the Barnett Shale. To date, the Barnett has more than 17,000 wells completed according to the Texas RRC. Barnett Shale Well Count 1993-2013.pdf As an earlier play, the Barnett gives […]