Water Issues for Texas ranch owners

Everyone in Texas now understands that water is critical to the future. Ranch owners and operators have known this for decades.  As water grows more scare in rural Texas, the changing rules of water policy and regulation have to be understood.  The framework around surface water and groundwater supplies is […]

Unconventional Shale Regulation in China

China is zealously pursing the scaled production of its unconventional resources.  The Ministry of Land and Resources has been charged with seeing that happen.  This goal faces a steep curve.  The Ministry hosted a US Department of State delegation to Beijing this spring.  Over the course of several days, US […]

Rural Texas is not that Big Anymore

If you follow ranching, land use or are generally interested in the consequences of population growth in Texas, take a few moments to review this Land Trends presentation prepared by Texas A&M University.  It’s the best I have seen. Tx Land Trends Release (Email Version)

Some Quotes in the News this Week

As a sign of how pressing many of the policy considerations surrounding shale production, we were quoted a few time this week in publications. Industry in Need of a New Approach First, D Magazine CEO had a column on looking back at the Barnett, really a prism to view the […]

Federal Judge W Smith Imposes 6 Million in Attys Fees Against Sierra Club

Here is Judge Smith’s Order in the EFH case:   WacoEFHOrder

EPA’s Maps on WOTUS: Hard Truths

  This week saw a turning point in the heated debate that few understand over EPA’s proposed rule for regulating Waters of the US (WOTUS). EPA and American Farm Bureau have been in a skirmish of words for weeks over the true scope of the newly proposed rule, which evolved […]

More on Ground Water Takings: The Federal Courts Weigh In

  A new federal decision concerning regulatory takings adds potential support to the recent Texas decisions of Edwards Aquifer Authority v. Day,  369 S.W.3d 814 (Tex. 2012) and Edwards Aquifer Authority v. Bragg, No. 04-11-00018-CV, ____ S.W.3d ____ (Tex. App.—San Antonio, Nov. 13, 2013, pet. filed), each of which provide […]